An Open Architecture

Compatibility. We believe in you should be able to get the “best of breed” of all the technology you implement. Therefore, while engineering our products to make the most of each other, we also built them to work well with other products. So, if you’re moving from film to digital, you don’t have to worry whether all the pieces will fit together. Or, if you’re making a switch from someone else’s sensor, or from someone else’s imaging software, you don’t have to worry about throwing anything away.

Radiography. We believe our intraoral sensors provide top tier images at an unbeatable value. But we capture images from virtually any intraoral sensor on the market, and from every phosphor storage plate scanner we’ve come across. Also, we capture from every digital (or digitally retrofitted) panoramic x-ray machine the market.

Photography. We believe our intraoral cameras provide an unbeatable view for those who want quality and value. But we’re also able to process video from virtually any intraoral camera on the market. And from any extraoral digital camera on the market.

Off-The-Shelf Devices. We’ve interfaced with dozens of makes and models of flat bed scanners. And from ink-jets to lasers to high end acetate printers.

Practice Management Systems. Bridging with your practice management system his highly recommended. Fortunately, we’ve never come across a practice management system we couldn’t bridge with.

Operating Systems and Networks. We’ve got it handled, from Windows XP Pro to Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit. If your office is small enough to use a PC as the network server, then we’ll help you avoid over-engineering. If performance and fail-over are part of the plan, we’ll work with your technologist. If you’ve decided to use a UNIX server, or NAS, we can handle it. If your enterprise has a wide area network challenge, or mobile vans, we have the solution.

Conversion. No one wants to throw away images. And maintaining an old imaging system to view past exams can be tedious and expensive. So we convert your current imaging database, with your legacy images seamlessly organized with your new imaging, ready for comparison.