Hello! We at Archer Dental appreciate your business and would like to explain our general operating policies and some general information to help clear up any questions about your transaction.

Archer Dental has been serving North America for almost 40 years, and as a family run operation, the rules haven't changed in decades!

When ordering anything through us, you will be receiving Brand New Equipment, direct from the manufacturer, along with the full manufacturer warranty and our support with any questions or concerns about the item in regard. We do our best to service all requests in a timely manner but please do remember we are a small family office who serves thousands of Doctors, we do our best to keep your prices low and service speedy, but even we can get pushed back a couple days. 


As a general rule, returns are allowed on Unopened items within 15 days no questions asked. The only exception to item returns are Special Order items as we can not stock the item and have ordered it specially (will be clearly marked on invoice and notified of before the Sale).

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to take back used equipment, as we cannot guarantee it's cleanliness and by State Law cannot sell "Used" equipment. If you are unsure about an item, please call and speak to a representative and we can reach a solution.

Shipping and Timeliness

Once the product has left our warehouse, it is up to the major shipping providers to deliver in a timely manner. Almost all orders placed before 1pm ship the same day, but due to the major supply shortage caused by Covid-19, many items we normally have stocked are sold out weeks in advance or are on backorder. Please give us a call to confirm availability, estimated ship date, and any other information that is not listed or subject to fluctuations. 


We take pride in the repairs that come into our facilities and guarantee the working nature of the parts that we replace (turbines, scaler pumps, etc) with varying warranties depending on the nature of the repair. Please inquire for specifics since there are many hundreds of different repairs, custom fixes, and other services we perform. If for any reason the repair does not meet your standards, please give us a call and we can reach a solution. 

Credit Card Fees

When ordering with a credit card, we absorb the Credit Card fees to a gross transaction limit of $12,000, and all amounts in excess will have the exact Credit Card rate fee applied (usually between 2.5-3%). You are more than welcome to pay $12,000 on a Card, and the rest by Check/ACH or other (contact for more details).


When choosing to go with our in-house financing on large or small equipment purchases and your account carries balances past the agreed upon due date, there are finance charges at 18% APR (1.5% monthly) to the total outstanding balance. We had suspended all Finance Charges during the Pandemic (2020-2021) as we understand the Dental Community was hit very hard and developed plans on a case by case basis, but we will be resuming this practice in 2022. Most new customers start on a Prepay/Immediate payment account, but after a sales history has built up feel free to ask us about our Net 30 accounts.