Small Equipment (42)

Bonart ART-E1 Electrosurgery/Cutting Unit


Johnson Promident Dust Inn 2000


Cybird Gold Dual Band LED


Belmed Flowmeter 4 Cyl. Yoke Block With Scavenger Rubber Goods


US100R Biosonic Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler System


Buffalo Lab Vibrator


Vector Duo Amalgamator


EndoMax Plus


Bonart M1 Ultrasonic Scaler 25K


Belmed 5000 MS Flowmeter Head For Mobile Stand


16SB Handler Lathe 1/3 HP with Quick Chuck


E-Lite Pro UV-C Wall or Ceiling Mount Op Disinfection System


DCI 4060 - Handpiece Flush System


Endo Tip Wrench


Ultra 9 Lux LED Scaler - Satelec Style/Nsk


Ultra 9 Lux LED Scaler - EMS Style


Sylc for AquaCare De-Sensitising and Re-Mineralising Air Polishing Powder (4-Pack)


Supra Light 8mm Light Guide


ProCure Light Oven


Pro Form I Vacuum Former (Single Chamber)


Piezo Technology Piezo Scaler Self Contained with LED Light EMS Type


P-5 Super Boost


MD Tech LED Implant System


Macan MC-6A Radiosurge


Macan MC-4A


Bien Air ProImplant LED Set


E-Cube Endo System


DCI Handpiece Flush System with Adaptor Of Your Choice


C-Warmer : Anesthetic / Composite Warmer


Built-In Deluxe Piezo Scaler with Endo Mode and Autoclavable EMS Compatible Scaling Handpiece


Bonart P3II Pro Multi-Function Piezoelectric Scaler System


Bonart MB3 Magnetostrictive Built-In Type Scaler


Belmed Flush Mount Flowmeter


Belmed Flowmeter Head With Scavenger Rubber Goods


AquaCare Twin Air Abrasion & Polishing System


AquaCare Sodium Bicarbonate Air Polishing Powder (4-Pack)


AquaCare Single Chamber


AquaCare Aluminium Oxide Air Abrasion Powder (Fine) (4-Pack)


AquaCare Aluminium Oxide Air Abrasion Powder (Coarse) (4-Pack)