Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Ultrasonic Scaler (Original)
Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Ultrasonic Scaler (Original)
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Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Ultrasonic Scaler (Original)

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    Compatible with NSK and Acteon/Satalec Tips!

    Original Woodpecker Dental DTE D7 LED Ultrasonic Pizeo Scaler

    • Digitally control, mostly efficient in scaling.
    • Small volume, light weight, easy for operation and new shape, more beautiful.
    • Eliminating dental calculus, bacterial plague and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum or the enamel. The scope of oscillation amplitude is wider.
    • User-friendly design, much more convenient when operating.
    • Two modes of water supply: purified water from outside or auto water supply.
    • Clinical solutions are applicable for automatic water supply mode, improving the performance of perio and endo function dramatically.
    • The new design of electric valve, controlling the water better.
    • Detachable handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
    • The material of the detachable handpiece is made in America, the handpiece can be autoclaved to the high temperature and pressure.
    • Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and lasting power and generates little heat.
    • The scaling tip is made of special material. The cavitation produced from the end of scaling tip makes the cleaning of teeth and the killing of germ easily.
    • Less heat from tip during operation. Improve comfort degree of patients.
    • The inner water pipe is made from antiseptic material, clinical fluids, such as Hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite, etc. may be used perfectly under the mode of auto-water supply system. So that the performance of perio and endo is improved dramatically. 
    • The cable is made from silica gel tube, soft and durable.
    • 1* DTE D7 LED Ultrasonic scaler
    • 1* Detachable handpiece
    • 4* Scaling tips: 1*GD1, 1*GD4, 1*GD5, 1*GD6
    • 3* Perio tips: 1*PD1, 1*PD3, 1*PD4D
    • 1* Endo tips: 1*ED1
    • 1* Torque wrench
    • 1* Charger
    • 1* Foot switch
    • 2* Water bottle (350mL and 500mL)
    • 1* Hose
    • 1* Operation manual
    • 1* Qualified certification
    • 1* Warranty card