Woodpecker Endo Fi-G Cordless Gutta-Percha System
Woodpecker Endo Fi-G Cordless Gutta-Percha System
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Woodpecker Endo Fi-G Cordless Gutta-Percha System


     Woodpecker Dental Endo Fi-G Cordless Gutta-Percha Obturation System. Endo Hot Melting & Filing Gun. 4 Working Temperatures (150C,180C, 200C, 230C). Within 15 Second Quick Heating Time. 0.5mm Injection Needle, 360 Rotatable Needle. Efficient and Safe Work in Root Treatment. High-capacity Battery. One Year Warranty.

    Note: The difference between the Fi-E gutta percha dispenser and the Fi-G gutta percha dispenser is that the Fi-G is a “gun” type handle that is squeezed, where the Fi-E is an electronic pen type dispenser that does not require the use of a handle to be squeezed to dispense the warm gutta percha bar. Both the black and the white color Fi-P units use the same tips. The tips are interchangeable between the two Fi-P models and colors.

    • With high precision temperature control and a heating speed of 15 seconds ensures efficient and safe work.
    • With 4 working temperatures(150ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC, 230ºC) that adapt to the different Gutta-Perchas on the market.
    • 0.5mm Injection needles for precise obturation and perfect filling. In addition, the tip can rotate 360º to facilitate obturation at any angle.
    • High-capacity battery with up to 4 hours of autonomy (1,500 operations on a full charge).
    • Dual direction display facilitates both right and left-handed operation.
    • Handpiece weight: 170g.
    • Base weight: 207g.
    • Battery capacity 2000 mAh
    • Recharging time: 2,5 hours
    • Autonomy duration: 1,500 operations
    • Preset temperatures: 150ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC, 230ºC
    • Warm-up time: 15 seconds.
    • Fi-G Main unit *1
    • Charging stand *1
    • Power adapter *1
    • 23G 24mm Needle *1
    • 23G 28mm Needle *1
    • 25G 24mm Needle *2
    • Heat insulation hood *2
    • Heat insulation sleeve of needle *1
    • Pushing ram *1
    • Brush *2
    • Wrench of needle *1
    • Instruction manual *1
    • Qualified certification *1
    • Warranty card *1
    • Packing list *1