Tri Auto ZX2+ *$100 Rebate with Purchase*
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Tri Auto ZX2+ *$100 Rebate with Purchase*

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    The Tri Auto ZX2 is a new compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. The Tri Auto ZX2 may be used for achieving apical potency, and creating a glide path with the new Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function. The handpiece allows for subtle, and delicate manipulation of the file facilitating faster yet safer treatment in even difficult cases involving constricted or extremely curved canals. 

    Proven OTR technology also helps to reduce the possibility of file jamming, breakage, and ledge formation. Depending on the file load, the motor alternates between forward, and reverse rotation incrementally until the torsion is released then resumes in the cutting direction.

    The handpiece only weighs 140 grams and ensures a well-balanced distribution of weight in the practitioner’s hand. This is a guarantee for pleasant treatment, and relaxes hand and finger muscles. In addition to this, there is no interfering cable which could interrupt the treatment process.

    The LCD display is ideal for both left and right handed practitioners. Depending on requirements the user can turn the display on the handpiece until it is in the perfect position to be seen. In this way the practitioner is informed at all times of the position of the file in the canal as well as all the respective parameters. Additionally, the Tri Auto ZX2 offers the possibility of programming the parameters for an efficient treatment process.

    Integrated Measurement Function for Results with Millimeter Accuracy

    The apex locator integrated into the handpiece provides exact measurement results irrespective of rinsing fluids in the root canal. On the color display, the practitioner can see the distance of the file from the apex. Monitoring is also carried out by acoustic signals.

    Easy Application - Short Treatment Period

    As all preparation stages are carried out mechanically the practitioner can save a great deal of time. Eight pre-set programs of relevant parameters are stored to ensure short treatment sequences. Depending on requirements, speeds of between 100 and 1,000 rpm are available in the settings.

    Small Instrument Head

    With the small instrument head of the Tri Auto ZX2 the practitioner has a direct view of the preparation area at all times. The internal file electrode acts as a backup here by optimizing vision, and enabling a greater working length.

    • Apex localization and preparation in a cordless handpiece
    • Unique function for mechanical glide path creation
    • Prevention of file breakage and microcracks
    • Apex localization with millimeter precision
    • Rotatable LCD display for left-handed and right-handed users
    • Small instrument head for direct view of the preparation area