Pioneer Elite Soft - Tissue Diode Laser
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Pioneer Elite Soft - Tissue Diode Laser

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    The Most Portable and Ergonomic Diode Laser Out There

    The Pioneer Elite is the most portable diode laser offered by CAO. The unique design features a docking cradle that secures the Pioneer Elite on any counter-top and provides a charging base for the rechargeable battery. The ergonomic design of the handpiece allows for comfortable use for every procedure. This 810 nm wavelength utilized within this laser has a high affinity for gingival soft tissue making it an invaluable tool for aesthetic sculpting, accessibility, isolation, and the healing of soft tissue.

    What makes the Pioneer Elite Diode Laser different?

    Along with portability, the most valued feature of this laser is the ergonomic design of the handpiece. The comfortable handpiece allows for efficient tip changes by simply snapping a new tip onto the handpiece. Move from room to room and case to case ready to lase! 


    • Portable Lithium Battery
    • Ergonomic handpiece
    • Disposable Fiber Tips
    • Invertible Touch Screen
    • Customizable presets
    • 810 nm Wavelength 
    • 3-Watt Max Power Output

     Package Includes:

    • Pioneer Elite 3-Watt Diode Laser
    • Therapy Handpiece
    • Whitening Handpiece
    • Whitening Cone
    • Standard Tips (Pack of 10)
    • Perio Tips (Pack of 10)
    • Fiber Cable Assembly with Removable Handpiece Sleeve
    • Additional Fiber Cable Handpiece Sleeve
    • Charging Cradle
    • Wireless Footswitch
    • Protective Glasses
    • Lithium Polymer Battery
    • Power Supply
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty


    Portable, Comfortable & Easy-to-use

    The Pioneer Elite comes standard with over 30 pre-set clinical procedures installed along with the ability to easily create your own programs. Included in the software design is the ability to use the “Quick Set” feature which allows you to simply select Mode, Set Power, and Go! Nothing could be easier.


    All Pioneer Elite Lasers are covered by our no-hassle 2-year manufacturer warranty.