K2 Mobile Laser
K2 Mobile Laser
K2 Mobile Laser
K2 Mobile Laser
K2 Mobile Laser
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K2 Mobile Laser

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    Autoclavable & Bendable Fiber Head

    The K2’s patented front aluminum cap features a bendable tip that allows the proprietary optic fiber to be aimed at just the precise angle to comfortably use during your procedure. The tip can be bent to nearly 90 degrees. When finished, simply pull of the aluminum cap, the optic fiber, and the silicone sleeve and drop them in the autoclave for disinfection. No more costly disposable tips to purchase.


    Max Power Output

    3.5W of continuous wave emission


    Peak Power Output

    Up to 6W of pulse emission 10Hz / 100Hz


    Faster Patient Recovery

    980nm wavelength for less thermal damage to target area as compared to other lower wavelength diode lasers

    AFL Patented Extendable Tip

    The K2 Mobile features the world’s first AFL System (Adjustable Fiber Length) to be used in a diode laser. The patented AFL provides the longest optic fiber available. Combined with the flexibility of the bendable tip, there is not a single area that cannot be accessed for procedures. The tip can be extended, or retracted anytime as the procedure dictates.


    Longest Battery Charge

    Averages 1 or 2 weeks with regular use of laser. Charger holds 4 batteries at once.


    The K2 Features Easy Program Selection

    The K2 Mobile’s easy to read OLED display automatically flips for Left or Right handed use and includes 22 pre-set popular procedures with their recommended power settings, as well as 4 user definable memory options to load in your favorite emision settings.


    Innovation and Ingenuity

    Designed like no other, the K2 Mobile is Autoclavable, has an extendable and bendable optic fiber, built-in cleaver, voice guidance for timer count downs, as well as over use warnings, intraoral illumination, soft touch button for manual, or auto emissions, 22 programs plus 4 user settings, gravity switch to flip the OLED display, long lasting battery, built-in timer, unique internal heat dissipation, warning lights, no foot pedals, wires, or cords, and more.



    FDA Registration Number # K200693
    FDA CDHR Class IV Laser

    Wavelength: 980nm

    Max Continuous Power Output:
    3.5W (CW)

    Max Peak Power Output: 6.0W (Pulse)

    Emission Modes:
    CW/Pulse Mode

    Coolpulse 1: 10Hz

    Coolpulse 2:

    Aiming Beam- Laser Diode:
    635nm, Max 5mW


    Approx. 205mm x 25mm x 30mm

    Total Weight( Battery Included): 135g

    Prioprietary Optic Fibers (up to 50 Uses per Fiber): 400μm & 300μm Available

    Battery Charger:

    Charges 4 Batteries at Once with Our Handy Stand for K2 Mobile Laser:
    100-240V, 47-63hz

    Battery (Lithium Ion): 3.7V 1900mAh

    Size: Approx. 100-240V, 47-63Hz

    Recharge Time: Approx. 3 Hours

    Automation and Convenience:

    Auto/ Manual Soft Touch emission button: Selectable

    Pre-set Popular Clinical Programs: 22

    User Defined Stored Memory Settings for Convenience: 4

    Extendable, Blendable Head and Optic Fiber: Autoclavable

    Built-in Fiber Cleaver: Magnetic

    OLED Display Automatically Flips for Left or Right Handed Use: Gravity Sensor