J. Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM (Mini Head)
J. Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM (Mini Head)
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J. Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM (Mini Head)

    J. Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM (Mini Head)

    NEW! Mini Ultra Series
    J. Morita’s new Ultra Series handpieces are twice as powerful as other popular mini head handpieces. With up to 20 watts, they offer the brawn for daily use and a compact head design for exceptional posterior access. This series includes the new UltraM and UltraE.

    Air, which is delivered from three drive air nozzles, powers the primary impeller. The exhaust air is directed through multiple fixed fins to power the second impeller. The operational result is far greater power, control, and precision.

    For superior infection control, TwinPower is equipped with a unique zero suck back function (Anti Suck Back Diffuser) that prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol and other particles into the air line - a first for the dental industry. This feature helps eliminate cross contamination of the handpiece, coupling, air line, and treatment unit.


    • Available in Standard, UltraM, UltraE, and 45° head designs
    • Double-impeller technology, unique to product line
    • Extremely powerful: Standard: 22 W, UltraM: 18 W, UltraE: 20 W, 45°: 20 W
    • Zero suck back into air line for excellent contamination control
    • Directly compatible with the following coupling systems: TwinPower Morita, KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX*, Sirona® R/F*, W&H® Roto Quick*, and NSK® FlexiQuick Coupling**  (45° available in Morita & KaVo type only)
    • Safe, rapid braking within 2 seconds
    • Highly stable glass rod optics: 25,000 LUX
    • LED coupler offers natural lighting 50% brighter than a halogen bulb
    • Lightweight: 48-59g 
    • Quiet operation
    • Ceramic bearings offer extended turbine life, reduced noise, and less vibration
    • Push button chuck durable and easy to operate