iOptima MX2-LED Electric Motor System
iOptima MX2-LED Electric Motor System
  • SKU: Bien Air 1700563-001

iOptima MX2-LED Electric Motor System


    The iOptima reaches new altitudes in practice productivity by seamlessly integrating performance-enhancing technologies into an uncomplicated experience. Equipped with Bien-Air’s best-selling brushless micromotors and more innovations than any other retro-fit systems in its class, the iOptima effortlessly takes the pole position for the future of electric power dentistry. See what it’s like to operate at the next level.

    Features & Benefits:

    • iPod touch interface 
      • The ergonomic and intuitive Apple® iPod touch interface ensures your iOptima system is incredibly simple to use. You can directly access your operating instructions, browse our latest news, videos and catalog, or contact us with just one click.
    • Restorative procedures 
      • A system with all your restorative procedures preprogrammed including: caries removal, deep caries removal, dentin reduction, enamel reduction, tooth sectioning, porcelain adjustment, removal of excess amalgam, crown preparation, polishing and cavity preparation, etc. iOptima is the only complete restorative solution.
    • Endodontic procedures 
      • Preprogramed with color coded endo sequences from major endo file manufactures, iOptima provides unrivalled convenience with complete control. Customizable auto-reverse and auto-forward functions, coupled with torque control ensure safety and effectiveness regardless of the file type. iOptima is the only complete endo solution.
    • Preprogrammed restorative procedures 
      • Select the type of procedure you wish to carry out and automatically access the parameters: contra-angle, speed, torque, direction of rotation, etc.
    • Preprogrammed endodontic systems 
      • Select the brand and your file to instantly access predefined sequences.
    • Customizing the parameters 
      • All of the parameters, including the speed and torque can be customized and stored before or during each procedure. iOptima gives you the option to create and configure your own settings.
    • MX2 LED Micromotor 
      • The Bien-Air MX2 LED micromotor, offers the best performance on the market by simplifying and optimizing restorative, prophy or endodontic procedures. The SMART LOGIC electronic management system automatically controls the power and compensates immediately for any speed variations.
    • Procedures up to four times faster 
      • Increase your performance by being able to treat a greater number of patients. The functionalities of the iOptima application and the performance of Bien-Air electric instruments combine to significantly reduce the time taken for your procedures. 
      • Simple, efficient and risk-free. Pre-programmed restorative and endodontic procedures. Simply select your files from the list of the main manufacturers to access the predefined speed and torque parameters. 
      • New free functionalities regularly added. The performance and possibilities offered by your iOptima are improved each time you update the application. Free of charge. 
      • Install the system in no time at all. Simply connect your 4-hole tubing to the iOptima console and transform your unit into a formidable system in a flash. Download the iOptima application and you are ready to go.