Fusion 5 DOE Deluxe Kit
Fusion 5 DOE Deluxe Kit
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Fusion 5 DOE Deluxe Kit


    Oral health is all about early detection and prevention

    • Two extra light heads: Violet and White light heads
    • Full accessories for fluorescent and transillumination oral exams
    • Fluorescence and transillumination technology have been proven successful in identifying soft and hard tissue abnormalities.
    • DOE Oral Exam System provides dentists an X-ray vision to easily identify abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer or dental caries through the contrast of green healthy fluorescence and dark abnormal tissue.
    • It is pleasant and fast with no need of rinsing the mouth.

    DOE system uses high power LED illumination and high contrast switching filter for oral exam beyond normal visualization capabilities

    • Small, Cordless, and Reliable
    • Ease of access to detect unreacheable areas including the back throat
    • No hair drier cooling fan noise
    • Multi-wavellength LED illumination
    • Always ready without sleeping mode
    • Easy to document cases with office camera

    You’ve got the POWER!!!

    • Soft tissue lesion imaging
    • Dental caries transillumination
    • Easy composite viewing and removal
    • Options to add on fast composite curing, light weight illumination, and hands-free composite removal system

    The most versatile on the market…

    Fusion light system incorporates: white light – curing light – oral cancer detection light. It is truly the most versatile on the market… The transillumibation differentiates primary and secondary dentin, indispensable as you explore deeper into the root, hopefully avoiding the disappointment of a root ” perforation” and locating the pulp canal to gain access to the canal terminus at the apex.Dr. James Malooley DDS, MSD

    John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog

    I’m a big believer in oral cancer screening.  By examining and finding cancer at its earliest stages, it allows us to give the patient the best chance to beat this disease.  Early on in the development cycle of the Identafi device (way before it was part of DentalEZ) I was tinkering with the device.  Cancer screening is something that every doctor and hygienist should be doing.  Now with the market seeing multiple devices (Dentlight DOELED Dental Velscope Vx) and the Identafi, doctors have more choices in reliable devices than at any time in history.

    Very pleased with its performance and with the increased visibility

    Cancer screening is something that every doctor and hygienist should be doing. We have been very pleased with its performance and with the increased visibility it provides. While wearing the magnification and using the filters, tissue exposed to the violet light appears as a greenish color while potential areas of concern show up dark. The contrast is extremely good, which makes the exam process easier to perform.

    The DOE system is a very good way to conduct a fast and non-invasive examination…

    Adding to the value of Fusion curing light is the ability to conduct and oral cancer examination that will identify abnormal tissue warranting further investigation. The DOE kit comes with a snap-on head for the Fusion light as well as snap-on filters for your loupes.

    I am a firm believer in and advocate for oral cancer prevention through early diagnosis and the DOE system is a very good way to conduct a fast and non-invasive examination of the oral cavity.