CRX-1000 Phosphor Plate Scanner (Black)
CRX-1000 Phosphor Plate Scanner (Black)
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CRX-1000 Phosphor Plate Scanner (Black)


    CRUXCAN PSP Scanner 

    A small, light & compactly designed scanner CRUXCAN has designed as a user-friendly scanner. CRUXCAN is small & light so it can be set up in small-sized dental clinics efficiently. CRUXCAN has a 4-inch LCD touch screen as a high-end device. It provides to show the largest preview image. The touchscreen offers quick and easy access to features. CRUXCAN comes in two colors as white & gray, allowing you to choose according to your preference. Moreover, ethernet cable enables rapid image transfer from scanner to pc. We developed a CRUXCAN as a simple, fast & easy way to diagnosis the patient image or Chairside.

    Acquire X-Ray image from Image Plate Get diagnosed with a clear image with flexible IP Flexible, soft imaging plate provides for a comfortable intraoral setting. A total of 4 size IPs allows you to photograph various dental areas or dental sizes. CRUXCAN can output image quality in SR/HR mode. Because you can achieve clear quality in all modes, you can use it conveniently without worrying about the quality setting.


    • Image preview on the 4-inch touch screen

    • Support multi-user practices

    • Support sleep mode for power saving

    • Support stand-alone mode with built-in memory

    • The image resolution of up to 17lp/mm provides an image with stunning detail

    • Images are saved on a built-in memory card up to 500 images and the user can import images to PC for diagnosis

    • Images are able to send to designated pc on the network list

    • Provide easy and useful interface by 4-inch touch screen

    • Easy to install and use (Network set up automatically from just one-program execution)

    • High durability minimizes after-sales service occurrences

    • Support fast response to a customer complaint

    • Light, compact and competitive price