MD Tech Master LED Implant System
MD Tech Master LED Implant System
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MD Tech Master LED Implant System


    All new redesigned lite-weight Handpiece system. With new LED Function!
    It can be used at a wide range of dental procedures, including; canal treatment of endodontics and implant surgery. Such as drilling into the tooth canal, general dentistry and also removing carious material from dentin. Operating speed and torque is displayed during operation. Optimal speed for most implant procedures with one angle - drill tap and  place without buying multiple angles. Total of 9 programs can be saved in the memory


      • Control unit 
      • E-type Motor  with cord
      • 2 Irrigation tubes  
      • 20:1 Fiber Optic Contra Push Button Angle 
      • Handpiece Stand
      • Power Cable
      • Foot Control 
      • User Manual

      Key Features:

      • Suitable for oral and maxillofacial surgery
      • Maximum torque 80Ncm (20:1) 
      • Precise speed and perfect torque control 
      • Light and compact optic motor for speedy and accurate surgery 
      • Premium BLDC motor: low noise and vibration
      • Wide speed range and stable torque 
      • 9 Memory Programs
      • LCD Display: program, speed, torque, gear ratio, coolant quantity and direction
      • Ergonomic design
      • Great durability
      • Multiple foot switch function: speed, coolant, program and direction

      Max 80N.cm
      ( 32:1 gear handpiece )

      Torque limit function
      The beep sounds when load torque above torque value set by a user operates
      longer than 3 seconds and the operation stops to ensure patient’s safety.

      Powerful optic motor
      It shows LED functioning within motor during the motor operation.

      Real-time torque and RPM display
      The compact control unit shows real time rpm and torque through digital panel.
      It helps users to perform a surgery more precisely.

      Program modes
      Program button enables users to select 6 modes in turns _
      Drilling,Tapping, Remove Tap, Implant, Remove, Lock Screw.
      Users can select them for each purpose.

      Memory function
      Users can save 9 personal settings using memory button, which makes it possible
      to load the different settings immediately in terms of program mode, rpm, torque,
      coolant, speed, gear ratio, turn direction.

      Auto calibration function
      Calibration function operates by simultaneously pressing +/- button for 2~3 seconds.
      Perform the Calibration function when the motor is initially used and operate this.
      function under no load status.