Archer Dental has partnered with Group Financial Services to bring excellent financing opportunities for all types of Dental Practices! Whether you are acquiring a new practice or just looking for a line of credit for some new equipment, Archer Dental and Group Financial Services is here to help. Experience the benefits!

Leasing and Financing Will Help You To Better Leverage Your Dollar

Financing lets you acquire capital equipment for your facility at a fraction of its cost. Making manageable monthly payments instead of paying cash expands your ability to grow your practice.

Financing Will Protect Your Cash Flow With A Manageable Monthly Payment

Cash Flow is an issue that affects all business owners. Leasing allows you to acquire much needed equipment for your facility without tying up important business capital needed for monthly expenses, salary, supplies, etc.

Group Financial Services

Will Make Financing Your Next Purchase Simple. Group Financial Services offers competitive and flexible finance options (Lease and Loan) for Health Care Professionals that won't tie up your local bank line.

Follow this link to apply or find out more info! Most applicants receive a response within 24 hours!


Financing Will Let Capital Equipment Pay For Itself Through Use

Financing allows you to acquire revenue producing equipment for your practice making only a relatively low monthly payment. Practice revenue need only meet or exceed the low monthly payment in order to justify the purchase. Any revenue generated from the equipment purchase above your finance payment is profit.

Reap the Tax Benefits

Financing Allows You To Acquire Capital Equipment Today So You Can Take Advantage of The Attractive Tax Benefits That Are Currently Available Take advantage of the Section 179: $125,000 Expensing Allowance, accelerated depreciation, etc. Check with your accountant to maximize your tax benefits.

Financing Will Free Up Money That Can Be Directed To Investment Opportunities

Keep your capital in motion. Financing allows you to acquire needed equipment for your facility while keeping cash available for investment opportunities that generate a return over time (e.g. retirement plans & profit sharing, stock market, etc.).