AquaCare Single Chamber
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AquaCare Single Chamber


    AquaCare Air Abrasion in Dentistry

    In cutting mode, AquaCare is used for preparation of cavities without the need for anesthetic or drilling. The AquaCare cuts quickly but conservatively, minimizing the removal of sound tooth material and eliminating the risk of chipping or stress fracturing. Unlike conventional rotary cutting instruments, the AquaCare is not in direct contract with the tooth structure. There is no vibration, heat generation, noise or smell. Other Routine procedures commonly performed with the AquaCare include:

    • Clearing out fissures
    • Preparing surfaces for bonding
    • Removing current cement residues from crown and bridges- extra orally 

    AquaCare Dental Air Polishing

    In cleaning mode, the AquaCare delivers highly efficient stain removal and cleaning. It also increases the effectiveness of tooth whitening procedures. 

    The AquaCare can clean into the very fine structure of the tooth, which conventional cleaning systems cannot do. Per Dr Chris Matthews; “The AquaCare is the most effective device I have ever used for removing stains from all tooth surfaces, even those difficult to get into pits and crevices which normal cleaning can’t reach. The results speak for themselves and patients love their brilliant smiles.” (“why sweep the carpet with a brush when a hoover is so much more efficient”) 

    Multi-Function Handpiece – Cut, Clean, Wash and Dry

    The AquaCare main feature is the patented handpiece. The handpiece delivers a high-speed fluid stream to create a liquid curtain around the abrasive medium. The fluid is fed from a self contained reservoir within the AquaCare unit. The fluid stream eliminates free borne dust particles and is comfortable for the patient. 

    The handpiece delivers full access in the mouth as it has no cumbersome powder pots attachments. It is light to hold, easy to manoeuvre and works equally well with cutting and cleaning materials. The main airstream that contains the particles exits the handpiece at around 80 psi. Speed and Powder controls on the AquaCare allow the Dentist to adjust the pressure and the amount of powder that feeds to the handpiece.

    The handpiece is autoclavable and comes in two color coded cutting sizes. The long life tungsten carbide cutting nozzles can be easily changed depending on treatment. 

    The AquaCare includes a triple-action foot control that enables cut, clean, wash, and dry operations to be carried out through the same handpiece, allowing continuous operation without interruption. An entire procedure can be performed without removing the tip from the oral cavity. One handpiece supplies air, water and/or treating medium. 

    The AquaCare is completely air-driven with no electrical parts requiring less maintenance than electronic equipment. There are also no pumps and no leaking as the AquaCare works entirely with air pressure.

    The AquaCare is a fraction of the cost of a hard-tissue laser while providing fast, efficient cutting and cleaning with very high levels of patient acceptability. 

    Convenient Powder Cartridge System

    The powder for the AquaCare comes in self-contained powder cartridges that allow for quick and easy replacement. The cartridge has an inbuilt feed system that eliminates blocking. It also allows for fast, efficient no mess changes between materials and avoids mixing and possible contamination of the powders. The AquaCare currently works with 4 different powders, with more materials in development.