V9-SLK Optic Handpiece
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V9-SLK Optic Handpiece


    The  Vector Velocity Series highspeeds are one of the most powerful, durable, and quietest running highspeeds available today. These German made handpieces feature: A push button autochuck bur release, solid glass rod fiber optics that never dull, new optimal angle head design for improved access to posterior restorations, and all new titanium finish for lighter weight and better durability through the sterilization process. 

    All swivel highspeeds connect to any Kavo Multiflex type swivel coupler. The Velocity highspeeds are available in both optic type (with light) and non-optic type (no light). 

    Your choice of three head size and spray pattern combinations are also available. The V10-SLK (optic) and the V10-SK (non-optic) are the large head, super torque handpieces with a three port water spray for optimal bur cooling. The V10 is the most powerful of the three versions we offer and the choice if power, torque and overall cutting efficiency is your goal. 

    The V9-SLK (optic) and the V9-SK (non-optic) are our access head version but still feature the 3 port water spray offered on the Torque head V10 handpiece. For the best access, the V8-SLK (optic) and the V8-SK (non-optic) feature a single port spray which provide approximately a 1.5 mm smaller head height compared to the V9. This is due to the elimination of the V9's 3 port spray cap on the front of the handpiece.    

    Although the V9 and V8 are smaller head designs and less torque than the V10 dentists switching from our competitors small head handpieces (like the star 430 and the midwestTM TraditionTM) will still notice a significant increase in torque, power and overall cutting efficiency.